My strange world

Oh hi mr. Stranger! I'm glad that you are here, maybe you wanna some tea?.. or blood magic? or gloving elves? or strong willing women? or some sexy drells? I have a lot. Sit down and I will set the table

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only true champions can get the entire egg set, isabelle

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Diana pinged me today and is moving from my cycle town! I will be TT to her moving date so if you want her, message me your offer!!! :)

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Tried drawing anime. Failed. Went back to my TES comfort zone. Bosmers in my <3 4ever.

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A tribute to Fenris (X)

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February 21 - KK Slider

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I drew this for my friend, Gaz. He loves Dedenne, and I’ll admit it’s growing on me more and more. Ugh…it’s so fat and adorable. 

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late hbd to the “best dad”, i suppose 

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Fullmetal Alchemist Chapter 7 & Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood Episode 5

Colonel, please stay back. You’re impotent in rainy days, after all.

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the SADDEST thing ever in an anime is when the most cool and collected character who always has their poker face on has a huge emotional breakdown and they let all of their emotions out and they’re just screaming and crying like there is nothing more upsetting than that do you understand


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Grizzly cranky bear

Grizzly will be in boxes at 21 of April! Id like if somebody take him :>

Mikasa can easily lift 3 boxes, while Eren..

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