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Oh hi mr. Stranger! I'm glad that you are here, maybe you wanna some tea?.. or blood magic? or gloving elves? or strong willing women? or some sexy drells? I have a lot. Sit down and I will set the table

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UNUSUAL HOARD commission for torotix ! almost everything in this one can be found somewhere on the floor of my room

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sakura (by * Yumi *)

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What race and class do you think I’d be in Dragon Age?

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#19 Tangy for acnl-mayor!

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I was replaying Pokemon Emerald recently and was reminded of this gem which you can actually see for yourself if you visit the island in the water near Mauville City’s bike road. spectrumv came up with the suggestion to turn this into a comic! I love how childish the original Team Magma and Aqua are, I hope that sticks in the remake.

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Everytime haha.

Comic by のななの, from a doujinshi I got during Winter Comiket.

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A Sea of 4.5 Million Baby Blue Eye Flowers in Japan’s Hitachi Seaside Park

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The Princess Bride needs to show up on my dash more often.

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I fancy many things. I fancy things that are beautiful, and things that are strong. I fancy things that are dangerous and exciting. Would you be offended if I said I fancied you?

- Zevran Arainai, Dragon Age: Origins (via couslandia)


mersona commission for the glorious jazmine!

for mersona information click here

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skyrim doesnt belong to the nords

skyrim doesnt belong to the dunmer

skyrim doesnt belong to any race

skyrim belongs to me

i bought that game

its mine

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I got tired of waiting for the last, the 15th request, to be suggested, so I’m going to go ahead and post these and I’ll just edit in the 15th later.  Now that I’m back at my parents’ house and have more time on my hands, I’ll get back to work on the more complex palette challenges.  Thanks for sticking with me while these simple ones were all I had time to make.

Mirin looks like a lego person or simpson’s character with that yellow skin.  But this is probably the first picture I’ve posted of her typical attire. I also went kinda mori girl on Deidre.

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free! lavatory

#make us pee na splash kaseneta

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True Story: Stolen Throne!Loghain is always going to be my favourite. As awesome as the River Dane stuff is, I like him in darker colours and more utilitarian gear. With spring finally here, I had to bust this version out for a mountain shoot over the weekend. 

Have to laugh at the last photo. It’s like his dad is getting after him: “Did you pack a lunch? Don’t forget to take the king with you!”

"I KNOW DAD. Maker pls."

Thanks to cibokilley for the killer photos. Stoked to do some Night Elf raiding with foxfire-ghost later this summer!

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Space Capsule

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